The collections of the Industrial Archives & Library are divided into two major parts: the archives and the library. The archives contains all primary source documents relating to American industry. The library contains printed matter, primarily published for public consumption, though catalogs and some other materials can be found in both places.

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Current holdings include materials related to: steel (Bethlehem Steel and Youngstown Sheet and Tube), mining and quarrying (anthracite and slate), banking (Union Bank and Trust of Bethlehem and predecessors), shipbuilding (Bethlehem Steel), railroading, and other industries. The majority of our current archives consists of documents, drawings, maps, ephemera, and ledgers. Work is underway to assess photographic and other A/V holdings. Additionally, a collection of oral history transcripts of industry leaders in shipbuilding, silk production, and steelmaking is available.


Our growing library currently contains over 2,000 volumes relating to transportation, steel, mining, munitions, ships and shipbuilding, the development of technology, and regional history. Certain particularly rare books with strong provenance are stored in the archives rather than the library. The library does not circulate and must be viewed onsite. Since some library material is stored offsite all requests should be made in advance to ensure that items are available. Photocopies are available of material in good condition that will not be damaged by such a process.

What We Collect

The Industrial Archives & Library collects a wide range of material, in both physical and electronic formats, relating to the history of industry in America. While our current collections include material from mining, steelmaking, quarrying, shipbuilding, transportation, and banking, our scope is not limited to these industries. We are currently actively seeking material to be added to our holdings and encourage potential donors to contact us. We are extremely interested in corporate records, photographs, motion pictures and videos, microfilm, and more. IAL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


The Industrial Archives & Library welcomes patrons who wish to use the collections for scholarly research, modeling, and more. Begin your search by searching our processed materials on our library and archival search pages.

While not every item is yet cataloged, ongoing work ensures that additional materials will be available for research over the coming months and years. Materials which can be copied are available for a fee.

Collections are available for research by making an appointment at least one week in advance. Please contact us at 610-868-1115 or email for more information on appointments or collections. All researchers are subject to the Research Room Rules.